Monday, 3 March 2014

#121 The Chilly Half

7 weeks to Boston.

This past week was a scheduled "easy"/down week in which I 'only' ran 108K (16-26-19-18-8-0-21). Yup, that's right: 'Only' 108K. Clearly, I am slacking.

In the early stages of the race. At the time, I was actually in 2nd place (it wouldn't last long)!
It did however include a tune-up race and opportunity to test the fitness, hence the mini-taper and day off Saturday. And so despite the cold (-13 at the start and felt like -17) and the overnight snow which made the roads rather wet and messy, I was thrilled to surprise even myself and run an unexpected and every so slight PB of 1:12:55 at the Chilly Half Marathon in Burlington, ON. Yup, a PB of 3 seconds! But hey, in this sport, every second counts! It was also an improvement of almost 90 seconds over the Peterborough Half I ran around the same time last year (albeit on a much more challenging course). Overall, I am pleased to see progress in lieu of the sub-par training conditions that this winter has provided. I'm also quite pleased in how I executed the race, having not looked at my watch even once, but still running each kilometre within a few seconds of my average pace (3:27/K) which only lapsed by a few seconds in the last ~3K when my face was mostly frozen and my vision was severely impaired (I should have worn the Sunskis).

Nearing the finish at the Chilly Half. On route to a 1:12:55 PB.
I also finished 7th overall and was (somehow) first in my age group (M25-29) which was nice as well (although I couldn't stick around to collect the award). This was my third time running the Chilly Half and overall, I must say I am really impressed. The course is a flat and fast out-and-back along the scenic Lakeshore Blvd which provides a relative idea of how far you've gone and how far you've still got to go. The race is also very competitive which often means running in small groups or having others to chase. There is plenty of parking, a nice venue for awards, and free chili and beer at various restaurants afterwards (which I also sadly missed). The race was also timed by the Speed River Timing who are always very professional and accurate. Overall, a great event.

It was also another good day for the Black Lungs as well who continue to dominate the top of race results tables. And although not a PB day for everyone, a few of the guys knocked it out of the park including Conron who went sub 1:15, and Hiddszilla who struck with an incredible 1:15:27! Complete club results here.

But now it's back to higher mileage and tough training. And if last week was 'easy'; this coming week is anything but! You can see why by checking out our weekly training schedule on the BLT webpage.

Our next event will be the Achilles 5K here in Toronto on the 16th and will be a unique (if futile) opportunity to try to run fast, while completing a 100+ mile week. Onwards...

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