Sunday, 18 November 2012

#89 All I've Got To Do

The Road to Boston 2013: A preview

It's now been two weeks since Hamilton and my body and mind seem to be coming along nicely. I managed to run 80k this week and felt great doing so. Perhaps it was those 6 straight days I DIDN'T run following the marathon but rather fully enjoyed the rest and recovery by bingeing on more than my fair share of Halloween candy and chocolate.

There are now only 21 weeks to the Boston Marathon on Monday 15 April 2013 (Patriots Day) and the spring training program officially starts tomorrow...

Coach Campbell has once again put together an impeccable program to get us there fitter and faster than we've ever been and will surely produce another exceptional array of results and fast times from the group.

Find below a mere snapshot of what we have in store:
  • 21 weeks = 147 days + 1 (Boston on 15 Apr 2013)
  • (Only) 12 days 'OFF' (no running); 4 coming in the first two weeks (continued recovery from Hamilton)
  • 147 - 12 = 135 days of running  ('ON')
  • 135 + 41 days of doubles (ie. running twice) = A total of 176 individual runs
  • 10 long runs of 32+ km plus an additional 21 runs of 20+ km
  • 18 'workouts' either intervals or hills (and all of them hard!)
  • 4 tune-up races + Boston = 5 opportunites to shine
  • A total of 2700+ km averaging  ~130km/wk
Boston, here we come.

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