Sunday, 3 July 2011

#4: Here, There, and Everywhere

Yesterday (Saturday 02 July) I ran the Pride and Remembrance 5k Run in downtown Toronto. I did 16:50 which for those who don't run is pretty darn fast. Not Reid Coolsaet or black guy fast but for a white guy like me, it's pretty impressive. I was pretty happy about it: It hurt like hell but felt good afterwards. It was good enough for 7th overall (out of like 900) and 1st in my 20-24 age category; I even won a prize! I spent the rest of the afternoon drinking with my running buddies which continued for approximately 12 hours. At one point there was apparently dancing involved. I then slept for about 4 hours and by complete chance woke up at quarter to 8 and realized I had said I was going to do the long run. I threw on my shoes and shorts and was out the door. 2 hours and 25k later I returned home and felt worse than I can recall in a very long time... Next time I will choose to either drink or run less/not at all. Marathon training starts in one week. Lindsay 10k in two. God I love to run!

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