Wednesday, 29 June 2011

#3: I Need You

Having received some attention for what I had intended to be mostly a joke ad on Kijiji advertising myself as an exercologist and fitnician (most of the fun was in coming up with those names), I have decided to take a more serious approach and offer my services as some sort of running coach, instructor, trainer, motivator, etc. I want to help people run faster! That's the point. Once again, I am not officially licensed or accredited to do this, but to me, that's just an easy way for some company or organization to make a profit and that's not cool (unless of course I am the one making the profit!). Anyway, this is the ad I posted on Kijiji:

"Running coach, instructor and motivator

As a graduate student of Exercise Sciences as well as an accomplished amateur runner, I would like to share my passion, knowledge and experience of running and teaching to help coach and inspire others who wish to develop and improve their running abilities. I have an excellent understanding of running nutrition, physiology and psychology as well as training techniques and principles. I can provide individualized training programs for all ages and abilities via online or personal consultation and will tailor a program to your individual needs and wants. Whether you wish to run your first 5k or improve your half-marathon time, I can help you run longer, stronger and faster. Contact me (Dan Way) via email for an initial consultation. Happy Running."

Having been training seriously for the better part of 1.5 years, the past 8 months of which have been with the help of a coach, I feel that I am more than capable of offering quality advice and support to those who truly wish to improve. Clearly my experience as a runner attests to this, but I also spend large amounts of time reading and reviewing scientific journals, articles, newspapers and magazines that have anything remotely to do with health, fitness, running, training, and nutrition. I can't nor won't guarantee results, since those can only come from the individual; but I can offer practical and scientifically based training advice to help one improve their ability to run. I am highly passionate about the promotion of physical activity and exercise (specifically running) and know first-hand the seemingly endless benefits it can have to one's physical, psychological and social health. If you want to experience and enjoy the benefits of running but don't know where to start, or have hit a plateau in your own running, I may be able to help.

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