Monday, 9 February 2015

#137 Yer Spring

There are now (only) 10 weeks to Boston (the Marathon that is)...

Which I am NOT running!!! But it's Boston (!) and a bunch of Black Lungs are going to crush it so I'm super excited nonetheless.

You know what I'm NOT excited about? 

Winter! Which doesn't seem to want to end. More snow. More incredibly cold days. More horrendous running conditions... 

[Not horrible skiing conditions however. Which is what I did yesterday for the first time EVER! And absolutely loved it! Pyeongchang 2018 here I come.]

So what do you do when the conditions outside suck but you still gotta run, when there's snow and ice everywhere and your hip flexor is still not 100 per cent?

You run on the treadmill


Like 120K in the past eight days A LOT including a 20M/32.2K long run! 

Am I a hero? 

Absolutely not! 

I'm actually a giant wimp, but I've learned to love (?) my miles on the mill and am finally feeling healthy and almost completely over my hip injury (knock on wood). 

Now averaging almost 120K for the past four weeks, I am (slowly) getting fit and fast again. I'm ready to rock some spring training and tune-up races along the way. Next up is the Chilly Half on March 1st. Then it's Around the Bay 30K four weeks later (which won't be the same without the wicked hill at the end). After that it's the Toronto Yonge Street 10K and then, still some 15 weeks away, my goal race, the Ottawa Marathon, part of #TORW2015. 

There are still many miles to run and tonnes of training to do, but for the first time in over half a year, I am feeling confident in my health and my fitness. And with the help of the Lungs and hopefully some better weather, I am really looking forward to what lies ahead...

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