Monday, 25 November 2013

#112 You Know What to Do

I had some 'extra' time this weekend so decided to study the training program that I and my fellow Lungs will be using for the upcoming Spring/Black/Boston cycle.

Rob Campbell, our De Facto/unofficial coach, has been instrumental in putting this thing (a combination of art and science) together and has been the foundation of success for the Black Lungs.

I know it's very early and a lot can, and likely will, change between now and April 21st (the 118th Boston Marathon). But here is a snapshot of what I/we have in store. Simple on paper. Not so in practice.

BLT Spring Cycle 2014

- Mon 11 Nov to Mon 21 Apr
- 162 days; 23 weeks (+1 day)
- 2,940K total mileage (126K/week)
- 9 scheduled rest days (off)
- 28 double days (running twice per day)
- 11 long runs of 32+K
- 14 speed sessions
- 8 hill sessions
- 5 races: Boxing Day, Robbie Burns, Peterborough Half, Around The Bay, Boston

I've said previously that I won't be taking this cycle as "seriously" as I have others in the past. I still stand by that statement. Unlike in the past, I won't sweat missing a day (or 10) of training, especially if the winter is as bad (or worse) than last year*. 

My outlook and my approach to running/training is to continue to improve and run faster times (the main reason I run), but the 'law of diminishing returns' in lieu of more and more training, is starting to get to me, as are the many, and multiplying other responsibilities of life.

One day I will run a sub 2:30 marathon. It didn't happen this year. It might not happen next. But one day I'm certain it will. And until then, every day, every run, every kilometer is simply one small step in that direction.

*Early indications suggest we're in store for a long and cold winter. After writing this post on Saturday (23rd Nov), I embarked for an easy 12K run and cut it short after only 3K when I wiped out on slick city streets covered in ice. Fun times lie ahead...

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