Thursday, 3 January 2013

#93 I Want To Tell You

As previously mentioned, 2012 was an incredible year for me in terms of running (6012k) and racing (18 times including 11 PBs) and so in an attempt to stay positive and 'always look on the bright side of life' (despite my recent setback), here is a short review of my past year in running...

My top 12 of 2012:

12. Losing to Doyle in a final sprint to the finish at the Robbie Burns 8k (I should never have let him know I was there). I ran a (chip) time of 27:45, good for 9th overall.

11. Running the Pride 5k in under 17min (16:56) only one day after surgery on a broken thumb (and whilst wearing a massive cast (and hipster glasses)).

10. Setting a new marathon PB in Hamilton in 2:36:27 and finishing 2nd overall. The last 7k sucked!

9. Winning the team challenge at the Yonge St. 10k where I ran (an illegitimate downhill time of) 33:16!

8. Winning the MEC Summer Classic 5k in 16:03. Where did that speed come from?!

7. Organizing the inaugural Longboat Ekiden. Our 'LB Samurai Splits' won the event in a time of 2:26:46 and I was second in the 10k 'leg' in 34:20

6. My first ever outright win at the Good Friday 10-miler in 57:20. Two thumbs up for this one.

5. Fierce inter-team competition at the Lindsay Milk Run 10k where one of our teams definitely won (mine!). I also ran an impressive PB in 34:16

4.  Running Around The Bay 30k in 1:51:21. I absolutely love this race!

3. My second ever marathon and breakthrough at the Toronto Goodlife Marathon in 2:36:59 for 5th overall.

2. Running 1:13:29 (that's fast) at the Scotia Toronto Waterfront Half in the company of good friends.

1. 'The Black Lungs' finish in second place overall at the 2012 Cabot Trail Relay Race. I ran twice winning Leg 3 (just barely avoiding being 'hagged') and a eerily awesome Leg 10 up Mt McKenzie.

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