Friday, 6 April 2012

#60: Glad All Over

Dan: I'm running a race tomorrow.
Non-runner: Are you going to win?
Dan: Probably not.
Non-runner: Then why bother?!

This post is dedicated to all those who find it foolish or pointless that we runners compete in races that we have almost no chance of winning. Occasionally we do and today I did!

For first time in my running career, after so many losses, I actually won a race! I won the Good Friday 10-miler (16.1k) in Burlington, ON in a time of 57:21 (3:33/k) and it felt pretty darn good.

I certainly wasn't expecting to do this when I woke up this morning but hey, it's Good Friday, and miracles do happen. Obviously I have little to complain about but rather can't say enough good things about the race: the organization by the Burlington Runners Club; the course (2 loops of 5M) which is not the flattest but contains some beautiful sights and scenery; the weather which was near perfect with only a slight bit of wind; and everything else was spot on as well (the post-race food, the short awards ceremony; the facilities; the bag check; everything).

I'll admit it wasn't the strongest field with only 3 guys going sub 60 but I showed up in top shape and got lucky in that faster guys did not! I led for the majority of the race (since about 5k) and was scared as hell that someone would hunt me down and pass me but I got into a nice comfortable groove and nailed a massive negative split (29:15 vs 28:06) which is sorta the secret to my racing success this year. DON'T GO OUT TOO FAST! Kudos again to the Rob C program for keeping this momentum going and for the constant support of my amazing running buddies and club friends who make the whole experience worthwhile.

Exactly one month to go to the Goodlife Marathon on 06 May and I am as excited as electrons that we're going to smash it. Sub 2:42 for sure!

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