Friday, 23 September 2011

#28: I Don't Want to See You Again

Many things make me angry. People who walk extremely slowly on sidewalks are one of them. Even worse are people who don't know HOW to walk on sidewalks. But worst of all, without a doubt, are cyclists, for whatever reason, riding their bikes on the sidewalk. It's illegal, it's unsafe, and it's stupid! This makes my blood boil with rage and sooner or later I'm going to snap. I've decided to channel my anger, rage and negative energy into a more creative, constructive (and less violent) outlet and so have written a poem. It goes like this:

You're riding on the sidewalk
A place you shouldn't be
You almost hit a child
we're getting very angry

The road is right beside you
The lane is just for you
Why you have to ride on ours
It's something you need not do

You think you have a right to be there
You ring your stupid bell
If you ask me to move one more time
I'll send you straight to hell

You're speeding and you're swerving
You're texting on your phone
You're paying no attention
You think the lane's your own

It's illegal and it's stupid
Where is your common sense
You're going to hurt somebody
You're making us all tense

Get off the goddamn sidewalk
Our anger has amassed
If you don't ride off the sidewalk
This ride could be your last

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